Soli Deo Gloria

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Our focus in all that we do is the Word of God. The Word may be preached, read, sung, or come through simple conversation; but God has revealed His Word as the method by which people are saved (II Tim 4:2-4).

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We Love Serving Our Local Community

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church has been ministering on the West Side of Colorado Springs since the 1950’s.  The original building, which is now our Mission House, is across the street and the founding members met there for many years before moving into the building in which we are now in. 

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Timothy Hopkins - September 10, 2023

The Cross, His and Ours

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Learning about Jesus

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Preschool is a safe place for children to learn and grow. Our preschool educational program provides language arts, stories, dramatization, and discussions on health, safety, social living, and large and small muscle development activities. Pre-math, pre-reading, pre-science, pre-writing, cooking, and art activities are part of our daily work program.

The extended daycare program offers school-age children opportunities to enjoy after-school activities including homework help, arts and crafts, and indoor and outdoor games and play. This is a place for them to unwind, relax and feel safe.

Extra Giving Opportunities

Donate to Make a Difference in our Community

Every donation goes towards providing for this church and its supported organizations such as mission house

Mission House

At our Mission House, food, clothing, shampoo, etc.. is given out to those in need.  This ministry has been a great blessing to us, not because we see conversions from this ministry.

9:30 to 11:00 every Thursday. Located at 131 N. 30th Street

Timothy C. Hopkins

Senior Pastor

Our aim is to please God in all that we do.  We do this by obedience to His word, to one another and letting our light so shine before men they give glory to our Father in Heaven.

Where the scripture in one book may not give us as much information as we would like, other parts of scripture may be more telling, so we harmonize the Bible.  We believe that every word is inspired of God for our edification giving us the message of Christ from Genesis to Revelation.


What We Believe​

We believe that every word is inspired by God for our edification giving us the message of Christ from Genesis to Revelation.

Sola’s of the Reformation

We agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 but go beyond that to confirm the Sola’s of the Reformation. Sola means “alone.”

Sola Fide​

Sola Fide is justification by faith alone. We are saved by the merit of Christ, imputed to
us by faith. Our sins have been remitted from us and imputed to Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria the work of salvation comes from the heart of God to save sinners.
Therefore, to God alone belongs the glory.

Timothy & Sarah Hopkins


We are a church that believes in Jesus & loves God and people

When you walk into our sanctuary you will see a picture of the Prodigal Son. The reason this picture was chosen is becasue we are all the Prodigal Son, we have all strayed from God and each week we return to Him in worship as He receives us back.

Mon — Thu / 9am – 3pm

3010 W. Bijou St. Colorado Springs, CO 80904