Bible stories, discussions about God, and Christian morals and manners are the foundations of our preschool’s religious program. The Preschool is operated as a Ministry of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

Pleasant Valley Baptist Preschool

Learning about Jesus

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Preschool is a safe place for children to learn and grow. Our preschool educational program provides language arts, stories, dramatization, and discussions on health, safety, social living, and large and small muscle development activities. Pre-math, pre-reading, pre-science, pre-
writing, cooking and art activities are part of our daily work program.

The extended daycare program offers school-age children opportunities to enjoy after-school activities including homework help, arts and crafts, and indoor and outdoor games and play. This is a place for them to unwind, relax and feel safe.

It is governed by the church and the employees answer to the church.
These objectives are to be accomplished in a loving, nurturing, and safe environment.

Our teachers have a combined experience level of 90 years, with an extremely low turnover in staff. They bring their love for children and learning with them each day, and are truly a blessing to the preschool with their hard work for the ministry.

Adult-to-child ratios are strongly respected at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church a Colorado Springs Preschool and Childcare facility. Each age group is equipped with a qualified lead teacher and age-appropriate activities to help
the children explore their world each and every day. There are 4 different groups and different learning opportunities.  Each class works with the Zoo-phonics program. Introducing phonics and making them a part of everyday living. We also use the Storybook Journey and teach children the love of literacy.

A new book or books are chosen each week with an emphasis on enjoyment and reading for fun. Art and academics are intertwined with activities from the books, making them come alive for the children.

We also work off a weekly theme, sharing ideas of the glories of nature and animals and people and places in the world around us. Bible stories and discussions are an important part of our day. We also believe playing is a child’s work and ample opportunity is given to just “be a kid”.


Ratio: 1 to 8

The Cookie Monsters are for children 2/12 and potty trained. This is a classroom set up for exploration and a new beginning in the world of learning. Math and science readings are all new discoveries waiting for the child. Nurturing times along with opportunities for fun with other friends are an important part of this classroom.

POOH BEARS – 3-4 Years Old

Ratio: 1-10

The Pooh Bears are for children who are mid-3’s and young 4’s and may have just missed the pre-kindergarten cut-off age. More academics are introduced including math and letter recognition, with many opportunities for play and
establishing friendships. New concepts are introduced, and learning takes on a more meaningful role in the child’s life.

MICKEY MOUSERS – 4-5 Years Old

Ratio: 1 to 12

The Mickey Mousers are children who are 4 and 5 and plan on entering a Kindergarten session the next school year. This class is a full introduction to reading, math, science, and writing with a mixture of social studies and social settings incorporated. A kindergarten assessment is given at the beginning and at midyear to help parents decide what the best class for their child would be next year. Children are given the opportunity to work independently as well as with a group. Expectations tend to run a little higher with the goal of school preparation.  Additional opportunities for math, science, cooking, reading, and art are provided during afternoon playtime.  Class sizes are smaller for optimal learning.

NOAH’S ARKERS  – 5 Years Old & Up

Ratio: 2 to 25

Noah’s Arkers are children attending the area schools who are in need of before and after-school daycare. Homework help, nutritious snacks, and physical activity are offered each day. Small groups and opportunities for pretend and dramatic play are important as well. Children in this age group enjoy field trips in the summer during our summer camp with outings and in-house activities.