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The Call of Gideon
Chapter 6
Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and the Lord gave them into the hands of the
Midianites for seven years (v.1).

The Call of Gideon is one that we all rely upon, the Lord appeared to Gideon, the Lord revealed
Himself to him, and said “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor” (v. 12). The Lord
appeared to Abraham, to Noah, to Mary, David etc… salvation is of the Lord (Ps 3:8,62:1, Jonah
2:9, Rev 7:10). God initiates, is the actor we respond, react to the call.
• Gideon asks the right question, if the Lord is with us then why are we in this situation,
why are we under the oppression if the Midianites? What happened?
o The Lord gives him instruction, Gideon was a great warrior, but who gave him
the strength, the knowledge, the ability to be a great warrior?

Gideons first task is to cleanse his own house, how can we be useful to God when our own
house is in disarray?
• Paul gives qualifications for deacons and elders in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. It does not
mean that you could not have come out of some of the things listed, such as the
husband of one wife, arrogant, quick tempered etc.… but you should not be in constant
struggle with those things now.
o We cannot lead the House of God if we cannot lead our own house.
o Gideon was in this situation, he wanted to free Israel from the oppression but
had false gods in his house, in his city.

Read Judges 6:25-35
• Gideon tears down the altar but when does he do it?
o He is afraid of the people.
o Do we need to walk in fear when the Lord has given us commands? What does
the previous conversation with the Angel of the Lord tell us (v.12)?
§ What is the command of the Lord to us (see Mt 28:18-20)?
• Who has authority?
• What is the work to be done?
• How are we to do it
• Why are we going to be successful?
• We have to take the Lord at His word as David does in Psalm 40.

The Fleece – verses 36-40
Gideon has assembled a great army and has been told by God that He is with him. Gideon still
doubts, he is not sure of his call, of his duty, can we really defeat this army we are going
against? God will you give me victory?
• Recall Moses, what was his response to God about going to Pharaoh (Ex 4:1,10)?
• What was Jeremiah response to the call of God (Jer 1:6)?
• Isaiah said he is a man of unclean lips (Is 6).
• David’s Father said he was the youngest, the shepherd of sheep (I Sam 16:11).
• We could go on to describe those who walk with God are generally in shock that the
Lord has called them and is going to use them. How about Mary, what was her
response to the Angel that was sent to her (Lk 1)? Mary was troubled (v.29), she asked
how can this be, I am a virgin (v.34)?
• We are not called to do things in our own power, God is calling us to do things by His
power. I will make your name great Abraham; I will bless you.
• Gideon is doing the same as others, he is questioning to see if God will do this great
thing, he does so by getting reassurance with the fleece?

Chapter 7
Read Verses 1-8
• Why did the Lord send people away?
o Who is it that fights for Israel? Who is it that fights for us?
§ What did Jesus tell us in Mt 28:18-20?
§ So why do we fear to speak His name, to be bold for the Lord?

Verses 9-18
• Notice verse 12, the people were like locusts, there were so many like sand upon the
• How was Gideon encouraged?
• How many men does Gideon have to win the battle?

Verses 19-25
• They break into three companies to surround the soldiers they will face.
• Verse 22 tells us what happened, there was confusion in the camp.
• See Judges 8:4. Is it easy to walk with God, He gives us the victory but what does verse 4 tell us?
o The Lord has given them victory.

Chapter 8
Verses 22-28
• What is the request of the people?
o What is Gideons response?
o Gideon makes and ephod of the gold collected.
§ Ex 28:6-14
§ Gideon was seemingly looking to establish an idol. Verse 27 says Gideon
made the ephod and put it in his city and all of Israel whored after it. They idolized the gold, the spoils, as if the gold gave them victory. It became their good luck charm.

Verses 29-35
• Gideon has seventy sons.
• Abimelech is born from a concubine; he is key to the next part of the story.
V.33 as soon as Gideon dies the people whore after Baal once again.