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  1. The Separation of Gods People
    1. Read Genesis 17:1-4
      1. God speaks and makes a promise.
        1. El Shaddai, God Almighty, literally he destroyed or laid waste, or some read it as I am God all-sufficient or self sufficient.
          1. God would need to be all sufficient for Abraham was old and Sarah was beyond childbearing years, therefore El Shaddai is the one who compels nature to do what He wills.
        1. Who makes the Covenant?
          1. See Gen 15:4
          1. It is not a different Covenant than that of Gen 15 but now the Covenant is being implemented.
        1. What is the promise?
    1. Read Genesis 17:5-8
      1. Name Change Abram to Abraham.
        1. Abram means exalted Father.
        1. Abraham means father of a multitude.
          1. Who made Him the father of a multitude of nations?
          1. How many I statements are in these verses?
        1. What is God going to give Him?
    1. Read Genesis 17:9-14
      1. What is the Covenant
        1. What is promised by keeping the Covenant?
        1. Every male that is in Israel show be circumcised.
        1. What shall happen to those who do not keep the covenant?
          1. How can we understand this concept considering the Gospel?
            1. How many ways are there to eternal life? 
    1. Read Genesis 17:15-28 – The Son of Promise
      1. Sarai to Sarah meaning princess.
      1. Their ages are 100 and 90.
      1. What does Abraham offer up to God (v. 18)?     
        1. How does God respond?
          1. Who established the covenant?
      1. God went up
        1. We can assume this is the Shechinah Glory much like the Israelites would experience in the wilderness or possibly some other manifestation in which God appeared to Abraham.
          1. Genesis 35:12-13 gives the same account takes place with Jacob.
        1. All his household was circumcised that day.
          1. This is where Infant Baptism gets its roots. Similar passages are spoken of in the NT where it says they and their household was baptized. This does not mean that infants were baptized, no such passage exists in the NT.
            1. Acts 2:36-41;16:14-15,33; 18:8 (their house hold).
              1. Acts 8:12-13 says men and women not children.
              1. We hold to believer baptism but it is from this passage that those who hold to infant baptism seek to build their case.
  2. Recount of Abraham
    1. The Call he was 75 in Haran (Gen 12).
    1. The Covenant and promised Child (Gen 15-16).
      1. He is 85 when Sarah offers up Hagar the Egyptian for a child.
        1. Genesis 16:3 – he was ten years in the land.
    1. He is 99 when God speak to him again in Genesis 17
    1. Abraham was not having frequent appearances of God and revelation.  He was asked to walk by faith and promise just as we are.  He went 10 years then 13 years without God saying a word, just letting Abraham live.  Prior to God speaking again he would now have been thinking Ishmael was the son that was to carry his name forward, but it was not Ishmael but Isaac that would be the son of promise that the Redeemer would come through.  See Genesis 22:2 God commands Abraham to take Isaac his son, his only son, the son you love to a mountain I will show you and offer him there as a burnt offering.