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I. Genesis 37
a. Read Verses 1-5

i. Notice they are still sojourning in the land.

  1. Joseph is seventeen, it is thought he was born seven years before Jacob left Haran. The journey back would have taken a year or two to get back to the land where Isaac dwelt. We can assume they have been back in the land about 6-7 years now.
  2. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin, Gen 35:19, so Joseph and Benjamin would have likely dwelt with the sons of Bilhah, his mother’s handmaid. The two handmaids dwelt closer together than they did with Leah and Rachel.
  3. Joseph being younger would be pasturing a flock much like we see with David. When all the sons of Jesse were brought before Samuel none were chosen. When Jesse is asked if these were all his sons he replies, “Their remains yet the youngest, but behold he is keeping the sheep” (I Sam 16:11). He sends for him and anoints him with oil, the new king of Israel, but he would wait many years before ever ascending to the throne.
    a. The promises of God are not instantaneous. God works through his creation to bring about His promises He is bringing about in space and time.
  4. Joseph was loved by his father and brought back an evil report.
    a. We do not know what the report was, but the scriptures tell us it was bad.
  5. The Coat would have been full length going to the ground, likely sewing many pieces of cloth together to make the coat.
    a. The coat and favor of Jacob made the other brothers jealous for obvious reasons. It all started with a coat!

ii. Joseph’s Dream Verses 5-8.

  1. What did he dream?
  2. What was the dream implying?
  3. How did the brothers respond?

iii. Second Dream Verses 9-11

  1. What was the second dream?
  2. Who are the moon and the stars?

b. Sold for into slavery
i. Read Verses 12-24.

  1. They see him coming and their anger still burned with in them.
    a. What do they say?
    b. See Matthew 5:22-24.
    c. See James 4:1-2.
    d. Where do they take Joseph?
    e. See Genesis 15:13

ii. Read Verses 25-28

  1. Joseph’s brothers sold Joseph for 20 shekels of silver.
    a. See Matthew 26:14-16
    b. Jesus was sold for how much?

iii. Read Verses 29-36

  1. Reuben the oldest is upset the boy is gone. He, being the oldest, was likely responsible for everyone.
  2. We see the sin grow, when we commit sin, we seek to cover it up.
    a. What is done with the coat?
    b. Jacob mourns the death of his son.
    c. How does Jacob end up in Egypt?